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            YIGAS Group

            YIGAS Group is a large-scale comprehensive gas manufacturer in China. The company was founded in 1993 and established YIGAS Group in 2012, headquartered in Xintang Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.
            • 1993
              Founded in
            • 2012
              Established YIGAS Group in
            • 11

              Production Plants
            • 5
              Total assets
            • 5000
              Serve more than
            • Packaged Industry Gas
            • Packaged Special Gas
            • Electronic gas
            • Helium
            • Bulk liquid
            • Gas engineering

            Industrial gas refers to a product that is gaseous under normal temperature and pressure in industrial production. As the basic raw material of modern industry, it is known as the "blood of industry". In 2020, the market size of China's industrial gas industry is about 163.2 billion yuan.

            Under the background of the great significance of the new era of "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Smart Manufacturing" and the "One Belt One Road Initiative" promoted by the state, innovative technology and intelligent manufacturing will undoubtedly become the general direction of industrial development in the future. The transformation of the direction of chemical industry has become a general trend, and it has brought huge development opportunities......


            Specialty gases are an important branch of industrial gases, and their preparation methods and application fields are quite different from ordinary industrial gases. There are many types of special gases, and the production and sales of a single variety are small. Special gases for different purposes also have extremely strict requirements on purity, impurity content, packaging, storage and transportation, etc., which are high-tech and high-value-added gas products. Special gas can be divided into high purity gas, mixed gas, standard gas, electronic special gas, medical gas, laser gas, civil gas, electric light source gas, etc., which are widely used in electronic semiconductor, chemical industry, medical treatment, environmental protection, high-end equipment manufacturing and other fields.....


            Electronic gas refers to the gas used in the production of electronic semiconductor industry. As one of the indispensable basic raw materials in the production of electronic industries such as integrated circuits, liquid crystal panels, compound semiconductor devices, solar cells, and optical fibers, it is called the "food" and "source of semiconductor materials. Electronic characteristics are the key to the electronics industry." Raw materials are an important branch of special gases. The electronic semiconductor field is one of the important sub-application fields of special gases in China. The sales of domestic special gases in the electronic semiconductor field have exceeded 40% of the annual sales of special gases...


            Helium, English name Helium, chemical symbol He, molecular weight 4, is a colorless, odorless rare gas, chemical substance number CAS number: ?7440-59-7 is the gas with the lowest known boiling point: not easy to liquefy and stable Good performance, strong diffusibility, low solubility and other properties. With its special physical and chemical properties, helium is an important and scarce strategic resource that is irreplaceable and related to national security and the development of high-tech industries....


            Industrial gases can be divided into bulk gases and special gases according to their preparation methods and application fields. Bulk gases mainly include air separation gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and argon, and synthetic gases such as acetylene and carbon dioxide. This type of gas has a large production and sales volume, but generally does not require high gas purity, and is mainly used in traditional fields such as metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, electric power, and shipbuilding. The main bulk liquid products are: liquid oxygen (LO2), liquid nitrogen (LN2), liquid argon (LAr), liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2).....


            Main business:
            Industrial gas filling station design, installation, maintenance
            Industrial gas centralized supply system design, installation, maintenance
            Design, installation, maintenance and repair of the centralized gas supply system in the laboratory
            Gas equipment sales, installation, maintenance